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As a pet owner, you know that unexpected veterinary bills can take a bite out of your budget.

With the Cost of Care Planner, you can better understand the most common health concerns affecting your pet’s breed.

Knowing more about the health issues your pet could face during his or her lifetime means you’ll be better equipped to handle the situation if or when it happens. With VPI Pet Insurance, you’ll never have to ask, “Can I afford to follow my veterinarian’s recommendation?”

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Unfortunately, the Cost of Care Planner is not available for pets older than 10. To view the Cost of Care for a 9-year-old [breed], please click here.
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Ear Infection                   Cost

Though any pet can get an ear infection, those with hairy or floppy ears are particularly prone to them. Ear infections commonly occur when the ear canal becomes inflamed as a result of factors such as parasites, allergies or bacteria.

Signs to look for:
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Scratching
  • Oozing
  • Foul Order
  • Head tilt

Advances in veterinary medicine can improve your pet’s quality of life. With coverage from VPI, you can afford to spend even more healthy years with your pet.

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You should see what health concerns could affect your pet. Check out the VPI Pet Insurance Cost of Care Planner!


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A friendly and gregarious dog. The Labrador Retriever is a wonderful family companion. They are beloved as family dogs, showing affection to nearly everyone they meet. An active dog. Labs need plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay happy and well adjusted.

* Disease/Condition rankings are based on your pet's breed and age. Cost estimates are for a pet of comparable size and age, treated by a veterinarian in the state of California. The actual Cost of Care for your pet may vary. More